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Car Seat Inspections
A recent study indicated that motor vehicle crashes were the second leading cause of death for children age 4 - 10 years old, surpassed only by childhood cancer.  Studies have also determined that car seat use reduces the risk of death for infants by 71%, and to toddlers age one to four years of age by 54%.  For older children, booster seat use reduces the risk of serious injury by 45% for children age four to eight years when compared with seat belt use alone.

The Springfield Township Police Department has a certified child passenger safety technician who is available to inspect car and booster seats for proper installation.  Officer Joseph DiSantis has completed an intensive training certification program to ensure that your car or booster seat is properly installed and will perform as designed in an emergency.  Inspections are completed for township residents only and an appointment is required.  Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the inspection.  Officer DiSantis can be reached at 215-836-1601 extension 255 to schedule an inspection.

"STOP" Program
Springfield Township Operation Protect, or "STOP" is a program developed by the Township Police Department to combat automobile theft. Interested participants must sign a waiver permitting any law enforcement officer in the United States permission to stop a registered vehicle between the hours of 12 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Upon signing the waiver, the participant is issued a "STOP" decal to be placed on the rear of the vehicle. If the vehicle is observed being operated during the midnight to 6 a.m. time period, the vehicle may be stopped and an investigation conducted to verify positive ownership or authorized operation of the vehicle. Although there is no guarantee that a vehicle registered in the program will not be stolen, other communities have determined that a vehicle registered in this manner is less likely to be stolen. Please contact the Police Department during normal business hours for more information.

Welcome Wagon
Many new residents of Springfield Township have moved from large cities or towns where they did not have an informal interaction with their police officers that exists in Springfield. Officers participating in the Welcome Wagon program visit every new homeowner in Springfield Township shortly after the resident moves in. The officer provides a comprehensive package of information regarding various Township and Police services available to them. The new resident is encouraged to contact that particular officer should any further police services be needed during their period of acclimation.

Snow Shoveler Registry
Township ordinances require that snow and ice be removed from your sidewalk no later than 24 hours after the precipitation stops. One of the fundamental purposes of this ordinance is to ensure the safety and welfare of our elderly residents who use the public sidewalks as their primary means of transportation. However, many of these same residents are physically unable to comply with the requirements of the ordinances.

At the beginning of the winter season the Police Department solicits the local Middle and High Schools for a list of students who will, for a fee, shovel snow from walks and driveways. The consolidated list may be picked up from the Township Receptionist or will be mailed upon request. The "business" arrangement is then made between the resident and student that he or she chooses to employ.

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