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State law, along with caring common sense, requires that children under the age of four be secured in an approved child seat while riding in a vehicle. An unsecured child has very little chance of surviving a collision without suffering injury or worse. Most parents comply with applicable laws and buckle up their child before a trip. However, past inspections have revealed that many child safety seats are either unsafe or are used improperly. The Springfield Township Police Department has a certified child passenger safety technician who is available to inspect car and booster seats for proper installation.  Officer Joseph DiSantis has completed an intensive training certification program to ensure that your car or booster seat is properly installed and will perform as designed in an emergency.  Inspections are completed for township residents only and an appointment is required.  Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the inspection.  Officer DiSantis can be reached at 215-836-1601 extension 255 to schedule an inspection.

Emergency Contact Information

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has launched a website that is designed to allow Pennsylvania Driver's License and Photo Identification holders the opportunity to easily and immediately upload their emergency contact information to an on-line database accessible only to law enforcement and emergency personnel. The system was developed to save lives by cutting down on the time needed to locate an emergency contact for individuals who may find themselves involved in a situation that renders themselves unable to communicate.  In order to participate in this program, please visit the PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services webpage and click on the Emergency Contact and Information button.  Users will be taken to a secure page where they can enter information for up to two emergency contacts.

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