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PA Lottery Bonus Code

PA Lottery Bonus Code

Use the PA Lottery promo code and get started on endless gameplay sessions.

PA Lottery OffersOffer DetailsPA Lottery Bonus Code
Deposit Match Bonus Get a 100% Deposit Bonus Up to $250 Bonus Use *LOTTOPA*
Steelers Fast Play Play $25, Get Free Fast Play Coupon Use *LOTTOPA*
Winning Web Wednesday Play $10, Get a Bonus of $5 Use *LOTTOPA*

Step 1: Click here to avail the Code

To take advantage of the code, simply click on the colored box above and you will be instantly directed to the landing registration page where you can apply the code *LOTTOPA*.

Step 2: New Users: Creating your Account

  • Tap here on “Register Now” and you will be directed to a new page.
  • Enter all contact details including contact number, address, social security number, and bank information.
  • Change settings to allow permission and access to the PA Lottery.
  • Follow the complete verification process, aided by the email you will receive in your inbox.
  • Select username and password, and enter the PA Lottery bonus code.

How to Register using the PA Lottery Bonus Code

Step 3: Adding funds to your account

Choose the Cashier option to add funds to your account tab at the right-hand side. You can enter your promo code while adding payment details, particularly if the offer is a free bet amount that needs to be added.

For adding funds to our account, you can use Visa and Mastercard debit cards, use PayNearMe, or even make a bank transfer (ACH). Keep in mind you will have to deposit at least $10. Credit cards are not accepted. Paynearme cards are accepted at all dollar stores, pharmacies, cash express stores.

Similarly, using the ACH system you can even withdraw funds from your account. To keep a record of all transactions, you can also get a receipt of the amount you've withdrawn.

Step 4: Checking in Terms & Conditions

To enable the Promotion, a player must ‘Opt-In’ by pressing the ‘Claim’ button on the iLottery website and when you win your bet, you can withdrawal your winnings. The deposit bonus is paid according to the terms and conditions for the instant win games. In order for you to make use of the bonus, you must make a minimum deposit of at least $20, and play one of the 47 games listed on the website. Big Money Slingo, A Dragon's Story, Bigfoot, Deal or No Deal, Gold Fish offer loads of thrilling entertainment. There are 3 different kinds of games offered-Instant wins, draw games, and keno.

Some other popular games include: Monster grid reveal games that carry an initial deposit value of $20 for one ticket, giving a payout of $80000. Cash Buster Extreme is another variety that allows a winning of $20,000 for a $20 ticket.

Monster Wins on Sunday- Play $50 and win $5 cashback

Step 5: Receiving the bonus 

Once you receive a bonus amount, you will get a notification pop-up that buzzes on your screen and an addition in your ‘My Account' section. Furthermore, you will get an email notification. However, you need to keep playing 8 times across different games to make a final withdrawal.

Step 6: Meeting wagering requirements

Use your PA lottery bonus code across games that feature daily promotions running 24 hours a day. Monster Monday presents a 20% cashback on losses so it is quite a good option to test out your first bet. A minimum deposit amount of $25 is required. The total amount that can be won here is $250. You can also enter into the weekly prize draw which is equivalent to $100 won by each player. Every Wednesday you can enlist in the promotion that gives back $5. Rainbow Fortunes is all fun, asking you to decode a series of magic numbers to win the final prize; the starting deposit is $20. Will Run Reveal is a 3-4 symbol matching game that requires a minimum deposit of $20 and can lead up to cash prizes of $3000-4000 being won.

Step 7: Using the Offer across different platforms 

Use the welcome offer and experiment across the wide range of games offered- Deal or No Deal, Treasure Hunt, Slingo, and several others. These games also offer demo versions so you can run a test play before diving in. If you make the initial deposit of $10, you can get the same amount back in your account. You can easily convert the bonus funds to withdrawals for cash, provided you put in a deposit of $10 and place bets at least 8 times across the different games.

PA Lottery Overview

For those that have not yet frequented the PA Lottery site, we are pleased to announce that this is the premier lottery gaming platform for the state of Pennsylvania. However, the name of this site is often a bit misleading, as there is more than just lottery gaming available. In fact, once you have run through the registration process that we’ve highlighted below, you will then have access to more than 5 different kinds of gaming. Of course, the lotteries that the site gives you direct access to are hugely appealing, but it’s always nice to have options on the table for when you want to switch things up.

At the time of writing, PA Lottery is the one and only site that has been endorsed by the governor to provide such online gaming services. Not only does this guarantee a certain degree of authority and trust, but it shows that you are using a 100% legal platform once you’ve taken the plunge and signed up. As we’ve identified in the ongoing sections, you need to be over the age of 18 and based in Pennsylvania to actually use the site, and it is available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

And to make matters even better, by choosing to play on the PA Lottery site, you are helping to fund programs all over the state in support of the elderly. Given that you’ve got this trust aspect, combined with the variety of online games and potentially huge payouts, there’s not much to deter players from using this site.

PA Lottery – Available Products

We’ve stressed earlier that PA Lottery is a great platform for those interested in a variety of online play – not just participation in some of the largest lotteries around. So with that in mind, we have gone into plenty of detail for what you can expect from the individual products on this site right here. PA Lottery supports everything from huge lotteries to scratchcards, and much more – let’s delve into the details right now!

Draw Games

Draw Games is simply another name for the lotteries that you can play on this site. In this specific section, you can find more than 10 lotteries that are played both in Pennsylvania and across North America. With that said, the two that always attract the greatest number of participants are Powerball and Mega Millions. These two lotteries regularly have cash prizes that are deep into the seven and even eight-figure regions, yet tickets can be picked up for just a dollar or two.

We must say, however, while these two lotteries tend to draw in players by the thousands, there is more enjoyment to be had with the other available lotteries In fact, since there are often fewer players involved with the other lotteries, your chances are actually increased (in theory). Some of the more favored lotteries besides the ‘big two’ include Cash 4 Life, Treasure Hunt, and Match Lotto. For all of these draw games, you can just click and purchase your ticket directly on the site, and then you can easily sit back and wait for the draw to take place. And for some of the lotteries like Treasure Hunt, you even get a cool visual to watch the draw take place, rather than just the standard drawing process seen with the others.

Since PA Lottery supports so many different draw games on the site, you always have options open to you. Whether you log into your account in the middle of the day or you log in late at night, you will still find tickets available to purchase. And when you’re ready to check in to see whether you’ve won anything, you can easily do this through the relevant section.


Scratch-offs are exactly what they say on the tin. These quick and varied games allow you to scratch off symbols and numbers in search of cash prizes, and PA Lottery has developed a great range of scratch-offs for you to try. There are well over 10 scratch-off games for you to try on the site, and they can be purchased for anywhere from $1 all the way to $30. This shows that you don’t always need a large cash balance to enjoy these games, and as with the other products that PA Lottery supports, there are some big-time cash rewards on offer.

Of course, the potential cash prize tends to correspond with the price of the scratchcard, to begin with, meaning that the more expensive the game, the more you could win. Needless to say, this doesn’t guarantee winnings by any means, but it does give plenty of flexibility for which games you want to play. As we’ve mentioned earlier, there is a whole heap of games to play here, yet scratchcards such as $3 Million Extravaganza, $500,000 Mega Crossword, and $500 Cash Money have proved to be quite popular.

Since these scratchcards are not dependent on any live draws either, you can play them as often as you like. And PA Lottery gives you a couple of options for how you want to play. If you are purchasing quite cheap tickets and you just want to burn through them, you can reveal all the symbols without scratching off anything at all. But if you want to savor the moment, you can manually scratch-off the symbols too. Once again, it’s completely up to you how you wish to play, but at least you have the choice.

Fast Play

While scratch-off games give you the chance to reveal all the symbols at once or scratch off the symbols manually, in fast play, you have no choice. Once you purchase a game, the symbols will then be revealed in just a few seconds, meaning that you can whizz through plenty of games quite quickly here. Many players actually prefer this style as there is no manual work whatsoever, and oftentimes, you only need to match one symbol to another in order to win the stated prize. This is quite different from the need to match three or more symbols, as is the case with other scratch-card games.

Of course, the games listed here are quite different from what’s on offer in the scratch-card category too. Fast Play games such as High Voltage Cash and Easy As 1,2,3 are regularly available in this section, yet there are plenty of others too. For those players that are seeking huge jackpots, there is a cool progressive fast play game here known as Extreme Green. Since this is a progressive game, the jackpot will continue to climb until one lucky player sinks it. At the time of writing, the jackpot payout is higher than $500,000, which puts a little added spice into your play.

There are a few other elements that many players enjoy here too. For example, you can see your chances of winning before you even purchase a ticket, and the odds are usually around the 5-1 mark. On top of that, you can always see how many more prizes are available for each different level, and you can even get a second chance at winning for specified games.


Keno is a game style that is often compared to bingo, but it works a bit differently. It’s true that you still need to match numbers on the board in order to win anything, but here you can pick how many numbers you enter into each draw with. You can even choose your price for each of the numbers that you enter, which ensures that many Keno games are in your control, at least from an expenditure standpoint. With this in mind, we are fairly excited to state that PA Lottery hosts Keno draws around every 4 minutes, so you are never too far away from another exciting round of Keno.

Since PA Lottery is a rather extensive site, it actually offers players the chance of winning over $100,000 with every Keno draw that is held. Of course, to win such an amount, you’d need to match a lot of numbers, and you’d also need to make use of the Keno multiplier symbols that PA Lottery has created. Once you’ve actually entered a game of Keno with PA Lottery, you can watch as the draw is held, and keep track of any and all winnings directly beneath the game display on your screen.

Pretty much the one and only downside here is that you need to fill in a claim form should you win more than $600 for any game. To add to that, you’ll often need to go and claim your winnings from a designated retailer, but this isn’t always the case.

Xpress Sports

Since PA Lottery doesn’t actually support any form of official sports betting, its Xpress Sports product is the next best thing. In fact, many players are reluctant to try this product since it isn’t the ‘real deal’, but once you’ve made a view Xpress Sports wagers, you’ll find that you can actually have a load of fun here. PA Lottery runs virtual simulations for several different sports too, including horse racing and car racing. Unlike real sports events where you often need to wait for hours or even days for your event to start, these events are held every few minutes.

Much like real sports betting, it’s easy to check out odds and statistics for the athletes that are involved in the events, and you can then make your wagers from there. Of course, you can watch the events through the online simulations too, and while it might not be real sports that you are watching, the excitement is most definitely real. Since online sports betting isn’t exactly available in abundance in PA right now, you may as well get a taste of the action by making use of this product. We must also say – the actual graphics for the races that are held are fantastic, and you really do get the sense of watching a gripping live event.

Xpress Sports can be enjoyed through the PA Lottery mobile platforms or from the desktop, although it’s always advisable to have a strong internet connection so that you don’t miss a single second of the action. Providing your internet connection is adequate, you are good to go, and you can back your desired athletes for an event every couple of minutes, meaning you will never run dry of ‘sporting’ action.

Site Development

Although we have been truly impressed with the gaming availability at PA Lottery, the site would be nothing if it didn’t appeal to most players. On that note, we are pleased to report that the PA Lottery site is relatively simple to use, and you won’t encounter too many issues regarding the gameplay either. It’s a very slick site, with very little that would potentially slow the site down to levels that would cause frustration. But with that said, this has come at a bit of a cost, as the site isn’t one that will give you that ‘wow’ factor. The general aesthetics of the site are almost overly simple, and it can be quite plain to look at.

With that said, it is obvious that PA Lottery has gone for the zero clutter approach, and this will no doubt appeal to those that aren’t too concerned about having many premium features on the site. And although we have given a rather average review of the site aesthetics here, we must give credit where credit is due. When you load up any game on the site, whether it’s a draw game or a scratchcard, it does load up nicely and the visuals for these games are quite crisp and sharp. After all, it’s the quality of the gameplay that players are more concerned about these days, and PA Lottery scores highly in this department.

As the site continues to grow in popularity, we would hope that the aesthetics get a bit of a touch-up, and we’d like to see a sharper color scheme too. But then again, this will no doubt materialize in time. For now – the site provides an adequate platform for PA players to get involved in a bunch of exciting gaming opportunities.

Mobile Play with PA Lottery

As we approach the beginning of 2021, it goes without saying really that players aren’t always sitting at their laptops to play. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Life is more hectic than ever, which is why the importance of mobile play is absolutely essential to any online gaming site. On that note, once you’ve signed up with PA Lottery, you can download the mobile app or visit the mobile site to enjoy your experience. On both platforms, you can participate in all of the supported products, but for us, the mobile app is the one that provides the more superior performance.

This native app is available to download for those that have an Android device or an iOS device, and the download should take less than a minute to complete. What we love about this app is that it has been kept just as simple as the main desktop site. The interface is basic yet effective, with a condensed menu in the top left of the screen, and enough subsections to allow you to find games easily. It’s not like you need to go searching too hard for any of the games either, for they are displayed in a large grid format, and you can easily just click and play a game of your choice.

From the app, you also have the benefit of simple deposits/purchases, as well as the option to stream live draws where appropriate. Of course, it’s also easy to track the games you have played and to see whether you have been a winner in any of them – all of this can be tracked in the relevant section. This is obviously both convenient and time-saving, as you never need to venture out to a physical store to check your tickets.

Banking at PA Lottery

Since you are required to purchase tickets and spend real cash to enjoy games on the site, it is then clear that you must deposit money in your account to enjoy PA Lottery. As seen on the main site, it is actually quite easy to deposit funds, as there are many options, no fees, and low minimums. Some of the main methods you may use to make these deposits include Web Cash, ACH ECheck, PayPal, MasterCard/Visa, PayNearMe, and Play+. From these available options, you should definitely be able to find one that is both suitable and preferred, and deposits should come through almost instantly into your account.

Just note that the standard minimum deposit value is $10 with PA Lottery, and this holds true for withdrawals too. But unlike deposits, you have a reduced number of payment methods open to make withdrawals. This includes PayPal, ACH, or Play+, and for those that get lucky on the site, you may be pleased to learn that you can withdraw as much as $25,000 for a single transaction. The standard processing time for these transactions is just 72 hours too, which isn’t all that long compared to other sites of similar offerings.

To play things on the safe side, we have two recommendations that you should follow when making transactions with PA Lottery. First and foremost, we would recommend that you verify your account as soon as you have registered. By doing this, you will avoid any hurdles down the line. And on top of this, we would suggest that you only try and make deposits or withdrawals when you are within PA borders. This should ensure that your transactions will not be rejected based on geographic location.

VIP Players Club

Although PA Lottery isn’t a site that is exploding with promotions for current players, you can always sign up for the VIP Players Club to continue extracting value. There is a direct link to the Players Club on the main homepage, and it is completely free to actually sign up for this rewards program. Once you’ve signed up for the program, you will then start to enjoy a bunch of benefits that are solely reserved for Players Club members. Before we delve into the details, we should also note that you’ll be given $5 in free PA Lottery play just for joining the program.

Now – let’s get into the main reasons to actually join the program. As you will see on the main site, there isn’t a whole load of promotions that are ongoing or permanent for existing players. This all changes once you are enrolled in the program, as you can then expect to receive rewards such as additional free play and second chances for specific games. On top of this, you are occasionally given personalized numbers that will result in cash prizes during certain lotteries. This means you have more ways to win, in a nutshell.

And finally, PA Lottery will send text messages to your phone to give you updates on how you have done in games or lotteries that you have entered. This is highly convenient, as you won’t always need to log in and scan your tickets to see the result. In the long run, this can save you lots of time. Since all of these extra benefits come at absolutely zero cost as well, it seems logical to take advantage of the Players Club Program when you can.

Customer Support

Although it’s logical for members to look at the games and the quality of the platform overall, the standard of customer support is a factor that tends to get overlooked. After you’ve logged into your new PA Lottery account, you can easily contact the support team when you wish to. There are various contact numbers and email addresses for you to use, and these are all segregated based on what you are contacting the team for. This is actually super effective, as it ensures that your request/problem reaches the most appropriate support representatives, and in theory, this means you should find a solution in less time.

The hours of operation for these support channels tend to fluctuate around the 8AM / 8:30AM mark until 4PM / 4:30PM. While this isn’t the largest window we’ve seen for customers to reach a support member, it isn’t the smallest either. Providing that you can arrange your schedule so that you can speak with a representative between these hours, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in reaching a capable member of the support crew. Alternatively, PA Lottery does have a series of FAQs on the main site, and there are short articles that explain common problems encountered on the site.

In the interest of speaking with a support member and obtaining a response as quickly as possible, we would recommend calling them on any of the toll-free numbers. Through email, it can take a day or two for a response, whereas you should be connected with a support member within a few minutes via phone.

Other Important Site Factors

Hot new games

One of the best aspects of the PA Lottery site is that it is still improving and adding games to the site. This means that current members have access to a fresh series of games almost every month, and there are some titles that are currently listed that have proved to be a big hit. These games include Walrus Winnings, Frosty Fun, and Fall Into Money. Most of these fresh games work as a scratchcard style game, yet a game like Walrus Winnings actually has two separate bonus features that are present for each game.

These new games are just as rewarding in terms of available cash prizes as the established games that PA Lottery already has. For example, the two popular games mentioned above have jackpot prizes of $300,000 and $150,000 respectively. As you can see, PA Lottery is just getting bigger and better!

Browsers to access the site

It is important to ensure that when you are using the PA Lottery site that you access the site from a browser that is going to give you the best performance. On that note, we would recommend that you access the PA Lottery platform through any of the following browsers – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. Not only do all of these browsers have optimal cookies you can turn on, but they also support the desired site speed and visual appearance. In our experience, these are the four browsers that you should be looking to use when enjoying PA Lottery, but of course, this is a little different if you are jumping onto the site from your cell phone.

As we’ve stressed previously, if you want to use the site from your phone, we would suggest downloading the native app. But failing that, the site is still optimized to fit a range of screens, and it works quite well through Safari.

Location when playing

This is an aspect of the site that players sometimes fail to think about. Since PA Lottery is only open to players that are actually based in Pennsylvania, there are certain restrictions that you need to abide by. Like other lottery sites that are available in individual states, PA Lottery uses geolocation software to check where you are logging in and using the site from. This is actually something that they are required to do by law, and you might find that if you repeatedly try to sign in to your account and play from elsewhere that your account gets restricted, or worse – blocked.

Obviously, this is something that nobody wants to happen, so it is better to take things steady and only use the site when you are physically located in PA. The site even has measures to detect those players that are trying to bypass the geographic restrictions by using things such as VPNs or mirror links. As you can see, this is something that PA Lottery takes very seriously, so it’s always better (and easier) to just stick to the rules.

Largest jackpots

With PA Lottery being a site that provides players with instant access to major lotteries, many players get most excited about what these jackpot prizes are. This is understandable really, and while there are a bunch of games on the site that have six-figure payouts, the largest and most exciting jackpots are indeed for the lottery games. As indicated a short while ago, the two most prestigious lotteries that PA Lottery currently supports are Powerball and Mega Millions.

These are lotteries that aren’t held as regularly as others, but they undoubtedly have the largest prizes. At the time of writing, the next Powerball lottery offers a prize of $287 million, and for Mega Millions, the prize is $291 million. As you can see, these are huge sums of money, even if the likelihood of winning such prizes is somewhat low. And speaking of low, the ticket prices for these lotteries are fantastic compared to the potential winnings.

You can sign into your PA Lottery account and grab a ticket for just $2 for certain entries, meaning that you can get all of this excitement for quite a cheap price. These lotteries also have smaller prizes available for those that match a few numbers but don’t get them all, and if you really wanted to, you can enter these lotteries as part of a syndicate. The only catch with doing that is that if you do win, you might need to share the prize!

FAQs about the Operator & PA Lottery Bonus Codes

PA Lottery Bonus Code for Casino Games

Is there a limit to availing the matching deposit bonus?

By way of a progressive gameplay session, you are awarded the final amount as you win more bets and deposit more funds.

Is there a limit to the number of withdrawals made for cash winnings?

There is no limit on the number of cash withdrawals made.

How long does it take for winnings to appear in your account?

The cash winnings are directly added into your account once you make a minimum and play games.

Is PA lottery legal?

PA Lottery is completely legal as long as the players are operating from inside Pennsylvania state borders and each player should be over 18 years of age.

How can I contact customer care in case the website does not show my winnings?

The PA lottery webpage is created with a live chat window at the right-hand corner of the webpage. Additionally, you can also contact [email protected]

Does PA Lottery support a mobile application?

Offering a visually-appealing mobile application with HD graphics and an easy-to-navigate menu, PA Lottery offers a seamless browsing experience so you connected on-the-go. All the features that you find on the desktop version are available here.

What are the different games that can be played with a free bonus?

A simple trick is to play the demo version before you get started. Labeled as Hot and Popular games, you can try Big Money Slingo, Robin hood, Monster Wins, Cash and Conquer, Bee to Zee, Super Gems, Crossword Cash, and Garden of Secrets.

PA Lottery Bonus Code Validity: 31/12/2020

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