Best places to visit in Springfield – Pennsylvania

Best places to visit in Springfield – Pennsylvania

A trip to Springfield, Pennsylvania is a lifetime experience. Springfield Township is located in the County of Delaware in Pennsylvania U.S.  Springfield, Pennsylvania is one of the most visited places across the globe. On a yearly basis, Springfield, Pennsylvania welcomes thousands of visitors. A lot of them do so with the intentions of visiting its historic sites, buildings, and parks among others.

But what are the best places to visit in Springfield, Pennsylvania? Do you and your friends have plans of visiting Springfield, Pennsylvania soon? Are your intentions to visit some of the best places in Springfield, Pennsylvania? There are many places to visit in Springfield, Pennsylvania.  Here are some of the best places that you and your friends can visit in Springfield, Pennsylvania.

Lehigh Valley

Lehigh Valley is situated in beautiful, gentle hills, and a scenic countryside. Lehigh Valley has top attraction sites that attract millions of visitors here. If you are keen enough, you will realize that this place attracts hundreds of visitors.

Sands Bethlehem is in Springfield, Pennsylvania. A visit to Lehigh Valley and a short trip to Sands Bethlehem will expose you to many activities. Here you can enjoy outlet shopping, casino slot games, world-class entertainment, and premier dining.

Lehigh Valley IronPigs is a baseball team located here. It has always attracted thousands of fans with the intention of watching them play. Are you feeling musical in some way? If this is the case, you can visit The Martin Guitar Factory. Here you stand a chance of learning how to make the best guitar.

A visit to the Museum of Indian Culture in Springfield, Pennsylvania is important. If you want to learn the history of Pennsylvania, then you will find a visit to this place necessary to visit. Here, you will get to learn a lot of things and the culture of Springfield, Pennsylvania.

Lehigh Valley is one of the most visited places in Springfield, Pennsylvania. Those who want to unwind can find peace and comfort on Lehigh’s Valley Wine Trail. In fact, if you are a nature lover, you should visit this place.

Great Lakes Region

There’s a reason for Pennsylvania naming parts of its areas as the Great Lakes Region. But the main reason for this is due to its cool and serene lakes and favorable climate. If you enjoy fishing, trekking, and hiking, a visit at the Great Lakes is a must. Situated at the Erie National Wildlife Refuge, this is the best place to do so.


A majority of people continue to visit Springfield, Pennsylvania. Most people visit with the hope of taking a stroll along Springfield’s sandy beaches. Favorite activities include snapping a couple of pictures at Presque Isle State Park. The Great Lakes Region has got more to offer.  A stop at the Great Lakes Region, the Presque Isle Downs and Casino is a must. This place has lots to offer for slot machines and horseracing enthusiasts.

Talking of fun, a park known at the Maurice Goddard State Park is a must-visit location. For long, this place has attracted hundreds of nature lovers or enthusiasts.  The Maurice Goddard State Park has got plenty of wetlands, trails, and wildlife. It has always attracted hundreds of visitors. Other parks here include the Pymatuning State Park which is home to hundreds of ducks.


Pocono Mountains

The Pocono Mountains is one of the most visited places in Springfield, Pennsylvania. When you visit this place, you will immediately notice a change in scenery as you cross the Lehigh Tunnel.  At the Pocono Mountains also, you can enjoy plenty of other activities. Here there are activities such as biking, fishing, hiking, and canoeing. As you tour this mountain, you will definitely pass by the Lehigh Gorge State Park.

At the Pocono Mountains, there’s the Jim Thorpe, East Coast’s cycling racing scene. This has always attracted thousands of cycling enthusiasts over the years.  A visit to the Pocono Mountains will expose you to the Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark. This is a placed filled with hours of family-friendly exercises. If you are willing to rest for a while, you can visit the Spa Shawnee and Salon for such.

The Pocono Mountains is not an easy undertaking for hikers. If you are planning to take a hike, be prepared for harsh conditions throughout the hike.  To ease your hike to these mountains, you can stop by The Crossings Premium Outlets. Here, you can find some snacks to boost your energy.

The Alleghenies

The Alleghenies, is situated in central Pennsylvania. There are tree-sheltered streams, bridges, and a couple of Victorian towns here. This place is home to Pennsylvania’s State University. Also, the Berkey Creamery and the NittanyLions call this place home. Besides creameries and parks, the Alleghenies also boasts of several trails and hills. Such hills and trails offer a great view to trains and vehicles whizzing by. Better yet, if you stop at the Johnstown Incline, you will have a great view of towns and cities located below.

If you have a taste for classy items you can have a stop at Bellefonte. This place consists of buildings and houses made in unique Victorian styles. Some of them include Romanesque, Italianate, and Queen Anne. For those willing to take a dip, the Raystown Lake is one the best spots for such activities.


The Alleghenies is one of the most visited places in Springfield, Pennsylvania. It has thousands of acres of lakes, picnic areas, and campgrounds. All these lakes and parks keep visitors entertained.


An adventure at the Alleghenies is an option that you need to consider. If you happen be in Springfield, Pennsylvania, try and make sure that you visit this place.

Laurel Highlands

Laurel Highlands is a hilly area situated along the Appalachian Mountains. This is one of the westernmost ridges of Springfield, Pennsylvania. This place has got many rivers and fishing activities. Whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and hiking are some of the activities that you can try out here. If you decide to visit the Laurel Highlands, there's a lot that you can do.

A visit to Ohiopyle exposes individuals to the Great Passage of Allegheny. It stretches more than 140 miles and full of equestrians, cyclists, and hikers. A lot of Pennsylvania’s residents are in love with nature due to Ohiopyle State Park located very close to them. Additionally, there’s the Youghiogheny River Gorge. This river gorge snakes through the heart of the park. In fact, it provides the best water rafting activities. Laurel Highlands 68-mile Scenic Byway is a great place to visit too. Here you will be exposed to rushing waterfalls and rolling hillsides. You will also travel on the historic National Road. This road stretches more than 80 miles across Southwestern Pennsylvania. It serves as one of the old byways in America.  Along the way, there are other attractions to sample. Some of them include the Nemacolin Castle and SearightsTollhouses. Others are Rockwood Mille Shoppers and Opera House. These are places filled with delicious food and hundreds of handmade crafts.

Pennsylvania Wilds

Pennsylvania Wilds is home to thousands of unspoiled mountains and forests. Other activities present here include hiking, fishing, outdoor activities, and kayaking. The Straub Brewery and Hyner View Hang Gliding are located in Pennsylvania Wilds. These are best places where visitors can see much of Pennsylvania Wilds.


Pennsylvania Wilds is home to the Little League Museum and the Piper Aviation Museum. Here, visitors can learn something about the humble beginnings of aviation. Such is achieved through a wide range of archives of aircraft. Still, there are other aircraft equipment that were in service decades ago. All these are used for learning purposes. Additionally, visitors have a chance of getting a shot at the wildlife present here. Apart from forests, dams, wide open skies, and recreational waterways, there's a lot. For instance, there’s Pennsylvania’s Lumber Museum. This museum offers visitors a glimpse of Pennsylvania’s lumberjack past.


Have you taken an exhausting but exciting trip through Pennsylvania Wilds? Are you worried that you may lack a place to relax? Don't worry as there are plenty of places to relax. You won’t have to worry on matters to do with a good night sleep and food as you will have plenty of options. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice.


After a fun and exhausting day out you will find plenty of restaurants and hotels to relax. At the Pennsylvania Wilds, there are plenty of hotels that promise to offer you a good night sleep.

Dutch Country Roads

Another exciting place to visit in Springfield, Pennsylvania is the Dutch Country Roads. There’s more to Dutch County Roads than its shoofly pies and delicious homemade sweets. At the Dutch Country Roads, one is assured of Old World traditions. Here you can enjoy carriage rides and haystacks. All these blend with luxury resorts and fun of roller coasters. If you visit the Dutch Country Roads, you may stop at the the Hunters Valleys Wineries. Here, you stand a chance of enjoying affordable, fresh, and tasty wines. All these are suitable for all occasions. Those with the intention of enjoying outdoor activities can do so here. Here, there's more than you would ever wish for.

Do you enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and every other type of paddling? Rest assured that you will find all these activities at the Dutch Country Roads. Do different models of cars excite you? If so, a trip to the Dutch Country Roads is a must. Here, you stand a chance of seeing different makes of cars. You will see classics to new models that have continually made their way to Dutch Country Roads. The Dutch Country Roads is also known for its sweet and tasty chocolates. Are you a chocolate lover? If that's the case, you can pay a visit to the Dutch Roads for that.

Are you aware that the Appalachian Trail Museum and the Kempton’s Hawk Mountain? Do you know that they are found along the Dutch Country Roads? This is home to hundreds of birds of prey. The Dutch Country Roads in Springfield, Pennsylvania is home to Civil War Trails. Visitors get a chance of walking in the paths of Civil War Soldiers. If you like to explore nature, you can pay a visit to the Civil War Museum. Here, you will get a chance to learn something about both sides of the Civil War that took place more than a century ago.

The Dutch Country Roads’ Chambersburg Heritage Center is place has got some history for a couple of scary ghost stories. The Chambersburg Heritage Center has for the longest time attracted thousands of visitors. A majority of those visiting here do so with the intention of being fed with scary ghost stories.

The Susquehanna Valleys

Susquehanna Valleys is one of the best places to visit in Springfield, Pennsylvania. It’s well known for its sweet aroma of dew that fills the air here. In this green, happy valley, one is assured of fresh air all year round. A lot of people visit the Susquehanna Valley on a yearly basis. Among other reasons, the hope of sampling its dreamy white clouds and a mile long of rolling hills is one of them.


True enthusiasts of nature have also made their way to the Susquehanna Valleys. This area has more than five parks. Some of them are the Ricketts Glen, Milton State Park, and the Knoebels Amusement Resort. Here, visitors can experience a quick adrenaline rush as they get to enjoy or try a ride on a roller coaster. History enthusiasts have a chance of taking a historic walk in Milton. If you want to learn something about the historic buildings of Springfield, take a walk at the Milton.


Movie lovers can also pay a visit to Springfield, Pennsylvania. Here they can take a stroll at Lewisburg for its restaurants, galleries, and a movie at the Art Deco.


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